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EP25-13 - NC Torsion Bar Hydraulic Pressbrake
Import electrical components with inverters (Y & X axis)
Backgauge equipped with AC Servo Motor, high speed ball screws & ground shaft
O Ring, Dust Ring - Busask + Luyken - Germany
Hydraulic Piping - Parker - U.S.A
Electrical and electronics components - Telemechanique - Germany
YUKEN Directional Valve - Japan
The quality imported components and systems ensure our core competence with the imported sheet metal working machinery.
Solid Backgauge system equipped with AC servo motor for X & Y Axis.
   Max Pressure    250 Kn
   Table length    1300 mm
   Distance Btwn Housings    1000 mm
   Throat Depth    200 mm
   Daylight Opening    260 mm
   Table Height    850 mm
   Ram Speed   
   Approach Speed    80 mm/s
   Return Speed    50 mm/s
   Main Motor    2.2 kW
   Oil Tank cap.    120 L
   Max.Weight    1600 Kg
   Dimension    1300 mm L x 1140 mm W x 2100mm H
Holland DELEM DA41 CNC Control System
•  Controlled axis: 2 axis (Y, X axis)
•  4.7" LCD Display (240 x 320 pixels)
•  Menu driven of fast selection
•  Direct angle programming data input
•  Angle correction function
•  Manual bending sequence and positioning of all axes
•  Data storage: 100 bending steps
•  Each program can store 25 steps, each step repeat 99 times
•  Tooling parameters (punch: N/A, die 7 kinds)
•  Back gauge trabel: 500mm
•  Piece counter
•  Safety zone set up for Y and X axis
Characteristics w/ DA41
•  Adjustable working pressure, ram stroke, ram opening and speed change-point.
•  Retaining the ram under pressure by means of timer switch.
•  Adopt Holland DELEM DA41 CNC control.
•  Depth of the ram controlled by AC motor.
•  Back gauge equipped with AC brake motor, high speed ball screw and ground    shaft.
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