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  CNC turret punch press machine is a kind of efficient sheet metal processing equipment. Toolings are used all the time , especially in step punching mode. So cutting edge wears out frequently, blunt tools will effect punching quality and shorten the life span of the tools. Frequent maintenance on toolings - sharpen tools when the punch tip is dull or worn will increase your productivity & reduce your downtime on production efficiency. In other words, grinding or sharpening tools is only beneficial to the tooling if it is done right with a proper tools grinder.
  Good Rules of thumb are:
  1) Take no more than 0.02 mm at each pass.
  2) Use a coolant - every passes will generate a very high degree of heat and might burnt the tools and shorten the tool life.
  3) Use the proper wheel dresser and do it frequently.
  Punch body can be clamped conveniently with our three jaws chuck assembly. Magnetic chuck table for holding various diameter of Die set.
  Machine Package includes:
  1) Wheel dresser - 01 set
  2) Grinding Wheel - 01 pc + 01 pc
  3) De-magnetiser unit - 01 set
  4) 12 months warranty
  5) Our commitment on you and our intergrity
  The most common reason for punching operation stoppages on punch presses are Toolings problem. Knowing and reducing punching problems will enable your punch press to work more effectively. Always try to identify the cause of punching problems and eliminate it.
  Factors which may effect Tool Life:
  - Type of Tool Steel
  - Hardness
  - Coating
  - Type of Material to be punched ( S.U.S / Silcon steel etc )
  - Material Thickness
  - Proper Die Clearance
  - Amount of Off-Center-Loading
  - Top & Bottom Turret Alignment
  - Frame Defraction
  - Frequency of Sharpening
  - Burning occur during SHARPENING
  - Continuous Punching - non-stop punching on heavy gauge mats
  - Nibbling
  - Programming method
  - Condition of Turret Bore , Guide O.D & I.D
  - Condition of Turret Key , Guide Key
  - Sheet & Tool Lubrication
  - Slug Pulling
  - Die Penetration
   Power    0.75 KW
   Rotating Speed    2800 R.P.M
   Max.Dim of Tools    200 mm
   Max.Stroke    320 mm
   Weight    380 mm
   Cooling water    50 L
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