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MP All-Electric Servo CNC Press Brake
  The MP All-electric Servo CNC Press Brake is a new generation of CNC Press Brake. The ram is driven by one or two servo motors with high speed ball screws. It is different from traditional press brake such as ease of operation, low consumption of energy, low noise, no pollution, and low maintenance cost and thus increases reliability, working speed and working efficiency.
  The back gauge can equip multi-axes control, suitable for bending workpieces with complex profiles.
  MP CNC Press Brake is a kind of new environmental protection products: no oil is necessary, quiet, low energy consumption, high efficiency and high accuracy.
All-electric Servo CNC Press Brake-Single Motor  
Technical Specification Unit MP18
  Max. Pressure kN 180
  Bending Length mm 560
  Distance Between Housings mm 510
  Throat mm 200
  Daylight mm 235
  Ram Stroke mm 100
  Ram Speed    
  Approach Speed mm/s 1-80
  Work Speed mm/s 0.2-10
  Return Speed mm/s 80
  Table Height mm 877
  Table Width mm 80
  Main Motor kW 5.5
  Machine Weight (Approx.) kg 1250
  Dimension (W x D x H) mm 1050 x 1030 x 2110
All-electric Servo CNC Press Brake-Twin Motor  
Technical Specification Unit MP40
  Max. Pressure kN 400
  Bending Length mm 1300
  Distance Between Housings mm 960
  Throat mm 350
  Daylight mm 280
  Ram Stroke mm 100
  Ram Speed    
  Approach Speed mm/s 1-80
  Work Speed mm/s 0.2-10
  Return Speed mm/s 80
  Table Height mm 930
  Table Width mm 100
  Main Motor kW 5.5 x 2
  Machine Weight (Approx.) kg 3000
  Dimension (W x D x H) mm 1840 x 1300 x 2362
•  7"LCD display (240x320 pixels);
•  Menu driven of fast key selection
•  Direct angle programming data input;
•  Chinese display
•  9.4" LCD Monochrome display
•  Control up to 4 axes
•  Direct bending angle programming
•  Sheet material selection and over bending force protection
•  Bending force adjustment
•  Automatic unfold length calculation
•  Multi-dialogue language selection
•  2 D Bending Simulation
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