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NCP100-32 - CNC Synchronize Hydraulic Pressbrake
The parallelism of the ram ( Y1 , Y2 ) archieved with the use of advanced proportional Valve control and the signal feedback by the linear scales
Synchronization of Y1 & Y2 axis is within 0.01 mm
Two linear scales fitted into the C frames, not directly on the side frames.
Y axis equipped with Germany Hydraulic system components
Dual Drive Backgauge System with Rigid & Solid Dual Drive Backgauge with High Speed Servo
Motor equipped with Rexroth Germany Ballscrew& Guide way
Adjustable Stopper Finger with height adjustment lever.
R axis equipped with rack and pinion and linear guide ways, R axis travel 200mm
X & Y Axis equipped from - Sanyo Denki - Made in Japan
Y Axis - Depth of the ram controlled by AC Servo Motor
Adjustable Ram stroke, ram opening and speed change - point by feedback of Linear Scale - Heidenhain - Made in Germany
Two linear scales fitted into the C frames, not directly on the side frames
High Speed Ballscrew & Linear Guideway from Rexroth - Germany
YUKEN Directional Valve - Japan
Tooling Style - Amada Type with Sectionalised Punches and 2V Quickchange - Sectionalised Die set
   Max Pressure    1000 Kn
   Table length    3200 mm
   Distance Btwn Housings    2900 mm
   Throat Depth    400 mm
   Daylight Opening    400 mm
   Ram Speed    200 mm/s
   Approach Speed    100 mm/s
   Return Speed    100 mm/s
   Main Motor    7.5 kW
   Oil Tank cap.    370 L
   Max.Weight    8100 Kg
   X, Y1, Y2 Axis Motor    A/C Servo Motor - Sankyo Denki - Japan
Holland Delem DA 65W CNC Control System
•  Control Axis : 3 Axis (X , Y Axis + H - Crowning)
•  10.4" TFT Color 2D Display
•  Realtime Windows OS
•  USB Flash memory drives
•  Simulation of Bending process in realtime
•  Multi-language including Chinese
•  64M internal memory
•  Each program can store 25 steps , each steps repeat 99 times
•  60 kinds of tooling parameters (Punch 30 kinds, Die 30 kinds)
•  Piece counter
•  Safety zone set up for Y and X Axis
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