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S2 Servo Driven Turret Punch Press
  All-electric turret punching machine possesses advantages such as energy saving, high accuracy and clean operation, and hence have become the development trend of turret punching machine. All-electric turret punching machine is driven by servo motors and therefore, less power is consumed, save cost of hydraulic oil yet without contaminate the environment, and it will provide great advantages to the users of creating more profit and good for our living world.
Technical Specifications Unit S2-1212 S2-1225
  Punch Force KN 200 200
  X-axis travel mm 1250 2500
  Y-axis travel mm 1270 1270
  Accurcy(Tolerance of centers) mm ±0.1 ±0.1
  Max.Sheet size(with one repositioning mm 1270x2500 1270x5000
  X traverse axis speed M/min 110 100
  Y traverse axis speed M/min 90 60
  Turret rotation speed R/min 30 30
  Max.punch stroke mm 60 60
  Max.sheet thickness mm 4 4
  Max.sheet weight kg 120 120
  Nibbing rates max.(4mmstroke) HPM 750 750
  Hit rates max.(1mm increment) HPM 650※580 650※580
  Hit rates max.(25mm increment) mm 300※240 300※240
  Number of stations in turret   30 30
  Maximum punch diameter mm 88.9 88.9
  Automatic repositioning   Yes Yes
  Main transmitting method   Electric Servo Electric Servo
  Control System   Fanuc Oi-PD Fanuc Oi-PD
  Controlled axis   5 5
  Compressed air pressure,minimum bar 6 6
  Machine weight kg 11000 13000
  Installed power kw 20 20
  Japan FANUC 0iPD CNC Control System
 Display: 10.4" TFT Color display
 Language: Chinese or English
 Communication port: RS232 port
 Resolution: 0.001mm
 Controlled axis: 5axes(X, Y, T, C, Paxis)
 Working temperature: 0~45°C
 Relative humidity: 20~80%RH
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